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15 Awesome Free Fonts for Website Designers

Lorena font
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A key ingredient in designing a website is the font. It has to fit in with the overall aesthetics, while also projecting whatever message its text is trying to communicate in a manner that draws in readers. Aside from its significant contribution to the website’s artistic value, it is also essential in providing good user experience, as “bad” font that makes it hard to read the site’s content can only drive people away.

That is why web designers take great pains in choosing which type styles to use for their projects.

Check out these 15 free fonts that will surely help express your website’s statements in a captivating manner.


Lorena font

For a stylish thin font, Lorena has a very bold tone to it with its striking edges and sharp serifs. For those wanting to make a statement in their website, this one is sure to catch people’s attention.


Znikomit font

For uppercase letters, Znikomit has substance that creates a distinct impression of significance within its breadth and pointed lines. For lowercase letters, it has a familiarity in its curves that is truly inviting. This flexibility makes it suitable for websites that sport a fancy or a friendly tone.

CS Benwood

CS Benwood font

It’s a font that was clearly created for particular purposes considering the highly stylized design resembling planks of wood. Although its use may be limited, its quirkiness is definitely eye-catching when matched with a website that focuses on “organic” or “nature” subjects.


Cobbled font

It’s a whimsical serif font with enough body to still keep the lightness grounded. Perfect for sites that go for a more down-to-earth approach.

Ostrich Sans

Ostrich Sans font

Impactful yet slender, Ostrich Sans brings a sense of elegance and importance. It also comes in different styles such as dashed and race-track bold for variety.


Lavanderia font

Cursive typefaces can look tacky, but this particular one finds that delicate balance of sophistication and understated confidence. Used sparingly, the website will definitely look classy.

Arvil Sans

Arvil Sans font

As another font with a tall design, Arvil Sans stands out from the rest with thicker lines and softer edges. This combination keeps texts from coming on too strong to readers, welcoming them warmly while still telling them “this message is important”.

Sketch Gothic

Sketch Gothic font

This typeface shows a little more of the artistic side without going overboard. It can work great with sections on websites that focus on designing and other creative endeavors.



Reminiscent of classic branding style font, this wide type also has a contemporary flair in how it throws in an unexpected curve in some of the letters.


Infinity font

Simple and clean would be the best way to describe Infinity. Lines are nice and straight when they should be, and they curve naturally to accentuate the font’s slimness. Space is utilized freely, giving the tight compression of characters room to breathe.


Homestead font

Big and bold, Homestead speaks of both adventure and a sense of belonging. It’s the right kind of font for websites looking to evoke a feeling of grand nostalgia.

League Gothic

League Gothic font

The vintage Gothic font has been given a fresh new take, bringing life and dynamism to its original design. Letters are stretched taller, and the lines are made less severe for a more modern pop.


Weston font

This typeface exudes liveliness in every letter, making it exceptionally well for brand logos that need a dash of character.


Haymaker font

With the classic styling of 30’s and 40’s era baseball jerseys, Haymaker has that strong look that fits websites catering to the typical male-dominated audience.


Molesk font

This bold wide embossed typeface demands attention. Websites looking to take hold of their visitors can use this with great efficiency as headlines, logos and big statements.


Rod Tolentino is a musician and a Marketing Consultant for UPrinting, a leading socially responsible online printing, marketing and technology firm that offers poster printing services and various printed marketing media.

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