5 Useful Technical Skills for an Entrepreneur to Have

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Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of skill and hard work. After all, you’re building and operating your very own business. A huge part of building your own brand nowadays is your online presence. There’s a huge chance that your business will be run completely, if not partly, online.

While building your own company can be very rewarding, you are taking a huge risk financially, emotionally, and business-wise. Since there is so much risk of failure in running your own business, you may want to acquire some extra skills to increase your chances of success.

  1. Web Development

Learning how to write code can be an extremely valuable skill to pick up, but it’s not an easy one. There is a range of programming languages and frameworks out there. When you begin to learn, you’ll start with CSS and HTML and work your way up to more difficult languages like Python or Ruby.

Working with HTML will help you understand how to set up an integrated development environment and how to start writing syntax. You can expedite your learning process by attending a coding bootcamp online or in person. These crash courses give you the skills you need in three months or less. Web development is good to understand as it will allow you to set up your own website and cut costs on bringing someone else in to do the job.

  1. Wireframing

Wireframing is the process of determining and setting up the data hierarchy of your website. While it’s not really a technical skill, having an eye for this design principle can help you create effective landing pages that will maximize conversion rates. It will allow you to position elements on your website and set up sub-pages in an appealing way that’s easy to navigate.

It will also allow you to decide the flow of your website. Your potential customers will be able to use and move around your site in the way you want them to. When executed properly, this will get more visitors subscribed, signed up, and supporting your brand.

  1. React Native

The internet is hugely influential in the way that people interact with business these days. The main way that people use the internet is on mobile. React Native is what businesses use for building mobile-friendly applications. Therefore, knowing how it works and using it can help you reach users who access the internet through their phones and tablets.

React Native uses state and props, JSX formatting, and components to render content better on mobile screens. While using React Native is a plus for most entrepreneurs, it’s essential for those working in the eCommerce space.

  1. Data Analytics

Learning what data analytics are and how to read them can really improve the way you deal with business as an entrepreneur. Data analytics is collected from anything that uses the internet, from desktops to smartphones to smart fridges. Learning about Big Data and how you can extract valuable insights from it can really help you succeed.


Knowing how to analyze data can give you an edge over your competitors as you’ll have insight into what marketing campaigns will do well, how you can minimize costs, and what methods will make your brand more effective.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial skill to obtain if you’re planning on working on marketing your business on your own. SEO, as it’s commonly referred to, determines how websites are displayed on search engines, such as Bing or Google.

As a business, you obviously want to be on the first page of the search results when a potential client looks up something pertaining to a service or product you specialize in. However, getting to that first page isn’t that easy. You need to constantly be aware of the algorithms these search engines use and adjust your content to meet these needs. When you do, the payoff is huge, resulting in more views and sales.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to be your own boss in today’s increasingly digital world, you’re going to need to adapt. Go out of your way to learn new skills and competencies to better prepare you for managing and scaling your enterprise.

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